My whole life my mother saw what I was capable of. She praised me and painted a picture I thought unachievable. ‘Everything you touch is GOLD,’ I would hear from strangers whenever someone saw my talents. I lived many years with this looming expectation I believed I️ could not reach. At least until now. 

Years of navigating through anxieties attached with perfectionism and this undeniable urge to embrace all aspects of life and “do it all” have led me to the cave inside my soul, and so I began mining. I found my GOLD. I found the sparkly gems that make me, no US, special in this complicated world. 

My name’s Dani Atkinson. I’m a perfectionist and I’m never satisfied with my achievements. I’ve struggled with my identity, my body, and all the habits and stressors that ensue. I love to crochet. I love to write. I love to act. I love to read. I️ love to sing. I love to dream. And most importantly, I’ve learned to love myself. 

I’ve accepted my truths and have thus found my GOLD. Now, I’m using my talents to spread positivity and help everyone find their gold. To find the shiny specs hidden beneath the darkness we fight against everyday. 

Tread lightly, my lovelies. And may those WILD HORSES never hold you down

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